Stainsby Festival

Stainsby Festival - 19th-21st July 2024


Stainsby Dream Of Fields Appeal


We are very, very happy to announce that our Dream of Fields has come true. From the beginning of 2023, Brunt’s Fields belong to Stainsby Festival.

To everyone who contributed to this magnificent response to our appeal, we say a heartfelt...

Thank You!

This is amazing news that, after so many years, we've finally been able to secure them - and the future of the festival for years to come. So thank you to everyone who's helped us realise The Dream. Your contributions big and small have helped us get over the line. Your faith that we could achieve the dream has been fantastic and kept us believing that we could. So many people have felt that the event is something worth contributing to, which makes us think we must be doing something right! So we’ll continue to do it to the very best of our ability.


Now that we have bought the fields, there’s an awful lot of work to be done renewing the infrastructure like the electrical system, the water supply, the toilets and, of course, now we’ve lost Stainsby School, storage during the rest of the year. Really all the boring, dull stuff that makes the glory and pleasure of the festival itself possible. Naturally we’ll be going for whatever grant aid we can raise (and we’ve been pretty successful over the years) but what would really help would be having some cash of our own to match fund our applications. Grant funders like applicants who can demonstrate some of their own money and the backing that shows from supporters.

Can You Help?

We’re going to keep this appeal page open for donations, if anyone feels the urge to drop us a few bob now and again. And if you do feel the urge, you can satisfy it right here at the bottom of the page. Don’t forget, if you’re a UK taxpayer, and you agree to Gift Aid your donation, HMRC will give us back the tax you've already paid on it! How's that for a win-win! (and a rare example of getting anything out of the taxman).

Here's How

You can make a donation by Credit or Debit Card or, if you’re feeling generous, set up a regular monthly donation by Direct Debit through the Charities Aid Foundation by clicking **RIGHT HERE**. You can also make a quick one off donation with PayPal by just clicking the link below (and whatever you choose, don’t forget the drop-down gift aid box!).

Yes! I'd like to donate

Yes! I'd like to Gift Aid

If you don’t hold with all this digital stuff you can still send a cheque, made payable to "Stainsby Folk Group" directly to us at...
Stainsby Festival 69 Strettea Lane Higham Alfreton DE55 6EJ
(and ask us for a paper gift aid form if you’d like to gift aid too)

And whatever you decide: THANK YOU! You make the festival what it is.